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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Various - 05/26/2010

Tried out a couple of different lighting styles:

1) Flat lighting - strobe shooting from the ceiling above Vanessa; having a scrim on top of Vanessa's head creating a big light source, and 3 fill cards surrounding her (one in front of her bouncing light from strobe back to her face, and one on each side of her).  Another strobe shooting at the background.


2) Shutter drag - 1 second exposure capturing the ambient light from the projected light (using colored glass bottles and gel cards) shooting at the background, while Melissa's accurately exposed as the main subject.

3) Gradient lighting - trying to create a  lighting that is gradually fading off from one side to the other.  On the subject, it's brighter on the right side than the left and on the background it's brighter on the left than the right.

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